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Special Programme Centre (SPC)

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Dr. Magret Taiwo Lawani
Director Special Programme Centre


The special programme centre is one of the six academic centres in the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).


Special programme centre is responsible for special educational issues which were not originally mapped out in our mandate and which are too significant to be ignore. Nigerian Educational research and Development Council (NERDC) being the think tank of education in Nigeria is often given the mandate to design and develop matching educational programmes for emerging issues. These issues emerged first as challenges in the society in the form(s) of people's behaviour, physical development, health or economic development. They gradually become issues that must be addressed educationally.

The special programme centre of the council is also in charge of executing the core mandates of the Nigerian Educational Research and Development council such as maintaining relationship with corresponding educational research and development centres in Nigeria and other countries; spreading and creating networks for the spread of research and innovative practices in Nigeria's educational system; co-coordinating all Special Programmes of the council. These mandates are executed in SPC. Since the emergence of SPC in NERDC, the centre has successfully developed educational programmes for various emerging issues. The core mandates has resulted in the special programmes centre being saddled with the following derivatives functions.


  • Provide extension services.
  • Organizes courtesy visit for agencies and schools.
  • Handles emerging issues and other related matters.

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