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Educational Research Services

Service Scope and Achievements

Some of NERDC researches that informed policy formulation include:

  1. Survey of The Relevance and Implementation of the National Policy on Education in Nigeria [this formed the basis for the review of the National Policy on Education (NPE)
  2. Public Examinations as Predictors of University Students Academic Achievement [mandated by the National Council on Education (NCE)
  3. Teacher Needs Assessment at the Basic Education Level for Effective Curriculum Implementation [a follow up to the development of the Basic Education Curricula.
  4. UME and Post- UME Scores as Predictors of University Students Achievement in First Year Degree Examinations (an offshoot from the project 2 recommendations)
  5. The Use and Teaching of Nigerian Languages.
  6. Trained ERC personnel in community-level research skills.
  7. An Assessment of Performance of the Education Sector in the Context of the On-Going Reforms [impact assessment of the reform agenda].
  8. Continuous Assessment Practices in Nigerian Primary and Junior Secondary Schools [impact evaluation of programme implementation].
  9. Psychometric Characteristics of Public Examinations in Nigeria [an offshoot from the project 2 recommendations].
  10. Relative Performance of Students who Gained Entry into Nigerian Universities with Certificates Obtained at One or Two Sittings in WAEC and NECO/SSC Examinations.[an offshoot from the project 2 recommendations].
  11. A Survey into the Use of Mother-Tongue in the First Three Years of Primary Education in Nigeria [ a policy implementation evaluation].
  12. Assessment of the Implementation of the 9-year BEC.
  13. Assessment of the Implementation of the 9-year BEC for Learners with Special Needs.
  14. A Survey of Public Pre-Primary Education in Nigeria [Sponsored by UNESCO].
  15. Comparative Curriculum Studies at Basic Education Level of Nigeria with Anglophone and Francophone Education Systems in West Africa. [a formative evaluation of programme for cross regional usefulness].
  16. Survey of Reading Culture of Learners at the Basic Education Level.
  17. Experimental Study of the New Basic Education Curriculum in NERDC National Model School.
  18. Opportunities for inclusive education in Nigeria: primary and junior secondary.
  19. Vocational and Technical Education (VTE): Contexts and Issues.

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