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NERDC Educational Consult

Business Development Officer
Dr. Nimrod Abu David Ph. D., jp, fcai, mnatt, mcon


The NERDC Consults Ltd is a Private Liability registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with the specialty of providing consulting services. Primary services of the Consult include capacity building for Teachers, language translation, book assessment, brailing of educational materials for special clients and other related services. The list is not exhaustive as the Consult overtime plans to diversify its interest in other similar areas relating to the business end of education.


The vision of NERDC Consult Ltd is to be a leading company that offers excellent consultancy services in education, research and human capital development.

MISSION The mission of NERDC Consult Ltd is to develop strategic broad based concepts, ideas, and proposals through top notch consulting experts for the implementation of qualitative and result oriented services.


The Consult target market includes private and public companies, institutions and corporations. The government arms will include the local, state and federal government. Others will include statutory ministries, departments and agencies of government. The Consults also aims to reach private and public schools. Where services are required by individuals same will also be provided.

Specifically, the Consults will provide services in the areas of:

  • Training programmes for teachers in their teaching subjects
  • Capacity building in implementation of the curriculum
  • Workshops/seminars for teachers in policy issues
  • Research projects as requested by clients.
  • Collaboration with National and International Agencies, educational bodies/establishments and foundations to promote effective teaching and learning in the educational sector in Nigeria.
  • Infusion of emerging issues as requested by our clients.
  • Development of training manuals and guides useful to the educational sector.
  • Working with specialists as the need arises for efficient service delivery.
  • Bidding for contracts in training programmes in line with council’s mandate among others.
  • Work in collaboration with the academic centers to execute requests forwarded to the consultancy unit which falls within the functions of any of the Academic Centers.

  1. Referral
    NERDC Consults Ltd with its growing reputation, past experience and level of expertise aims to reach its clients through referrals from business and government organizations that have benefited from its services. The consult will provide proposals and price quotes to clients where required.
  2. Request for Proposals
    The Consult will also provide its services to clients through "Request for Proposals" from the clients. Such proposals will include price, quality of proposal, reputation, past experience and level of expertise of the Consult.
  3. Open Bidding System (OBS)
    The Consult also aims to provide and secure contracts from private and public institutions through the Open Bidding System. These bid information will be received from publications by the requesting clients.


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