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Our Achievements

The NERDC in the discharge of its functions and responsibilities and in line with the present national drive to reposition education has undertaken the under listed projects/activities within the year 2016 that have bearing with the 2016-2019 Ministerial Strategic Plan for Education in Nigeria:

  • Presented the final draft of the National Book Policy (NBP) to FME for further direction, processing and submission to the FEC as may be considered important and its approval as a bill to be passed into law.
  • Carried out nationwide monitoring of the distribution and implementation of the new 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum (BEC).
  • Completion of Phase I of the assessment of the implementation of Universal Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) and Senior Secondary Education Curriculum (SSEC) as preliminary to the Impact Analysis of the Curricula (especially SSEC) as directed by the National Council on Education (NCE). Relevant research instruments were developed, pilot tested and validated. The pilot report is being studied for field activities nationwide.
  • The e-curriculum was formally launched as one of the most effective initiatives toward providing e-Learning Solutions via a functional portal that would guarantee access to the curriculum and other resources as well as provide interactive platform for users and service providers.
  • The financial education curriculum was developed and infused into the curricula of relevant carrier subjects that are to be streamlined in the next cycle of curriculum review following due process. The inclusion of financial education into National Curriculum is need driven and in line with International Initiatives accepted by nation states. It is driven in Nigeria by NERDC/CBN under the auspices of the FME and involving critical stakeholders.
  • The curriculum contents on issues of Trafficking and Counter Trafficking in Persons were developed and infused into the relevant carrier subjects to be streamlined in the next cycle of national curriculum review following due process. The activity is under a collaborative effort between NERDC and NAPTIP under the auspices of the FME and with the support and participation of other relevant stakeholders.
  • The disarticulation of the History Curriculum from Social Studies was carried out in the different stages. The disarticulation exercise is in line with the Ministerial Strategic Plan on Education and as approved by the NCE. A draft History curriculum to be taught at Primary and Junior schools was developed involving experts and critical stakeholders and is ready for approval by NCE, after which it would be produced and introduced formally in schools nationwide.
  • The C’elela language Curriculum for Basic Education was developed by NERDC in collaboration with relevant stakeholders and approved by the 61st Ministerial Session of the NCE for implementation.
  • Production of the approved National Policy on Education (NPE) was carried out and its circulation/distribution had commenced.
  • The NERDC - USAID under the auspices of FME had entrenched into the BEC best innovations and practices on early grade reading in English. Development of Teachers Guide on teaching and learning reading skills had been concluded awaiting printing, pilot testing and training of Teacher Trainers in the intervention States.
  • Completion of Phase I of the NEI Plus reading Skills project in the Mother Tongue aimed at improving reading at the early grades that would support and provide easy transition to English reading and understanding. The programme which is another collaborative effort between the NEI Plus and NERDC, NCCE, UBEC under the supervision of the FME and aided by USAID achieved among others the following:
    1. Scope and sequencing of reading contents in line with the national curriculum; and
    2. Development of instructional materials for pilot teaching and learning reading in Primary 1 which include pupils decodable texts, teachers guide and read aloud stories.
    3. The planning workshop for the second phase of the project has commenced. It is hoped that after the pilot stage, the project would be replicated nationwide.
  • Conducted quality control and assessment of educational books and materials for use in schools.
  • Conducted meeting with publishers to sensitize them on book assessment criteria and selection as approved by NCE and the need to set standards for book quality / publishing in Nigeria.
  • Renewal of contact with UNIDO on the resumption of the Entrepreneurship Curriculum Project (ECP) which is meant to support, enrich and strengthen the 34 trades and entrepreneurship Curricula in Nigeria. The project which is another collaborative effort between NERDC/UNIDO and endorsed by the FME is in line with the Ministerial Strategic Plan on Education. The NERDC awaits the arrival of the UNIDO Mission to Nigeria on the project.
  • Engaged in preliminary discussion on the collaboration with Non-Governmental Organisations who approached NERDC on programs and activities relating to the new drive for social cohesion and engineering in Nigeria. This is aimed at inculcating national moral and ethical values as contained in the curriculum, using education as an instrument for change. These indigenous organizations many of which are youth Centered include YOHESOR, WANEP, Sedai and Youth Afrique to mention a few.

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